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Re: The science of Col Barnett & James Price Point Dino Tracks


Mary K. said: "Tony, can the dinosaur list help in any way?  Is there
a petition,  letter-writing campaign, etc.?"

I appreciate the offer of help. Thank you all. BUT... not right at the
moment. The game is still in progress, and petitions/letters etc. have
to be carefully timed, or they may be counter-productive.
The Barnett government is beautifully adapted to survive storms of
protest. It clings like a limpet to its preferred beliefs (however
idiotic or baseless), and storms of protest will merely bounce off its
carapace, like ping-pong balls bouncing off a Sherman tank.  It
thrives on protest! Public protest merely provides another opportunity
to broadcast (and reinforce) its propaganda in the news media.
If you make any protest, you will be classified and treated as one of
the 'long-haired loony left, reds, anarchists, greenies, crackpots,
dissidents... etc. [it's a LONG list]' and you will be ignored. At
best you'll receive some reassuring noises telling you that there's
nothing to worry about.
Petitions and protest can also be counter-productive if they prove
annoying: decision-makers tend to get a bit frustrated, and even
vindictive, when sacks of (sometimes) abusive and (often) ill-informed
mail keep landing on their desk every morning. It can reinforce their
determination to succeed, rather than persuade them to change their
I hate to sound machiavellian, but protest has to be well-timed for
maximum effect. At some point in this saga a very large section of the
Australian population is going to rise up in protest at this proposal
to destroy the Kimberley, and as the federal government is teetering
on the brink (with a very small and insecure minority). it's not
likely to make any decision that would bring about its on downfall.
So, when the decision gets to that knife-edge point... THEN you throw
in your international protest and push them over to the side of
caution and common sense. If you protest now, it will just be wasted
effort. You will believe that you've done your bit to help, the best
you can (which is true), but it won't have any effect. Wait for the
opportune moment: I'll yell for help when it's needed, be sure of

Tony Thulborn

Renato: Then I'm glad the Facebook status I wrote on this subject
didn't pick up *slinks away*

Renato Santos