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Re: Problems with paedomorphic bird skull paper

Rescued from truncation, comment below:

Hi Mickey,

I've just take a very brief look on your post "Does Confuciusornis
really have a skull configuration like juvenile Alligator? ".

Taking by granted that your Geometric Morphometrics (GM) knowledge is
average I just want to remember one thing on this group of morphometric

1 -- the "wireframes" (Splines) indicate locations of deformation of an
individual compared to the consensus and not the original landmark

Saying this I will read more carefully your post.


Luis Azevedo Rodrigues

Luis Azevedo Rodrigues
Paleontologist (PhD)/Science communicator/Teacher
Publico Newspaper invited blog/Science Blogs Brazil
Ciencia Ao Natural - cienciaaonatural.net

What do you mean by "consensus"? An average of several individuals? That is obviously not the case here. For *Confuciusornis*, Bhullar et al. say they used specifically GMV-2132, _and_ no *C.* specimen looks _remotely_ like their wireframe. For the Montsec hatchling, there can't even be an average, because there is only a single specimen (LP-4450-IEI).