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Re: Problems with paedomorphic bird skull paper

Concerning the consensus, some  quotations.
> Like other methods that uses superimposition, Thin-Plate Splines
> (TPS) "uses" the consensus configuration for comparison and
> quantification of shape changes purposes:
> "Consensus configuration - A single set of landmarks intended to
> represent the central tendency of an observed sample for the
> production of superimpositions, of a weight matrix, or some other
> morphometric purpose. Often a consensus configuration is computed to
> optimize some measure of fit to the full sample: in particular, the
> Procrustes mean shape is computed to minimize the sum of squared
> Procrustes distances from the the consensus landmarks to those of the
> sample." http://life.bio.sunysb.edu/morph/glossary/gloss1.html
> <http://life.bio.sunysb.edu/morph/glossary/gloss2.html>

Yeah, exactly -- the sample size is 1 in both cases (GMV-2132 and LP-4450-IEI).

(The sample size of alligators is probably greater; but Mickey isn't saying the alligator wireframe is wrong.)

Again, I've not deeply analyzed  Mickey's post, just take a brief look
> at the images but, in my humble opinion

You don't have enough information to _form_ an opinion yet. Read the post -- it isn't long.