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New theropod material from Cretaceous of Brazil

From: Ben Creisler

A new online paper, but apparently no named new taxa (full text not seen yet):

Rodrigo P. Fernandes de Azevedo, Felipe Medeiros Simbras, Miguel
Rodrigues Furtado, Carlos Roberto A. Candeiro & Lílian Paglarelli
Bergqvist (2012)
First Brazilian carcharodontosaurid and other new theropod dinosaur
fossils from the Campanian–Maastrichtian Presidente Prudente
Formation, São Paulo State, southeastern Brazil
Cretaceous Research (advance online publication)

We report new theropod dinosaur material from the Presidente Prudente
Formation (Campanian–Maastrichtian), Bauru Group, in southwestern São
Paulo state. The material comprises a fragment of right maxilla of
Carcharodontosauridae, an anterior portion of a left ilium of
Abelisauroidea and a proximal portion of a right fibula of a
coelurosaurian. Previous theropod records from the Bauru Basin
comprise Abelisauridae and Tetanurae and in São Paulo state these have
been represented by only a right premaxilla of an abelisaurid and
isolated abelisaurid and carcharodontosaurid teeth. The new material
reported here represents the first theropod remains from the
Presidente Prudente Formation, and includes the first abelisauroid and
coelurosaurian postcranial remains from the Bauru Basin in São Paulo
state and the first latest Cretaceous carcharodontosaurid known from
non-dental remains anywhere.