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RE: New theropod material from Cretaceous of Brazil

> It's not just the grammar, but the pointlessness of stating a Brazilian
> carcharodontosaurid was the first one found from a formation in
> Brazil.  But with your statement in mind, perhaps it's just a case of
> English not being the authors' first language as opposed to
> an attempt to artificially increase the importance of their finding.
> Mickey Mortimer

No, that can't be it.

And comparisons to poetry are obviously irrelevant, Jaime. Titles of scientific 
articles should be, and are expected to be, as bluntly clear as possible.

However, I don't think the authors or the reviewers should be expected to know 
every potentially relevant SVP meeting abstract, especially if it hasn't 
resulted in a publication in so many years. Maybe the very fact that it has 
never led to a publication means it was actually an error?