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Re: Triassic phytosaur and turtle fossils discovered in Greenland (news stories)

An international team of  paleontologists including Lars B. Clemmensen
> from Denmark and Octávio Mateus from Portugual has been looking for
> Triassic fossils in Greenland. They have found the bones of at
> least two plateosaurs and many tracks, including some that are quite
> large (43 cm). In a different area, they discovered a phytosaur, the
> first from Greenland. The Portuguese article also mentions discovery
> of a fossil turtle, another first for Greenland and one of the
> oldest known.
> http://www.dr.dk/Nyheder/Indland/2012/07/25/060522.htm
> http://www.publico.pt/Ci%C3%AAncias/portugues-descobriu-ossadas-de-dinossauro-na-gronelandia-1556460

*Proganochelys* has been known from Greenland for decades.