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Re: Talk at Dinotrack symposium

I think that this must have been the talk by Anthony Romilio on the Lark Quarry 
tracksite ("stampede") in Queensland, Australia.
Here some related references:

Thulborn, T. and M. Wade (1979). "Dinosaur Stampede in the Cretaceous of 
Queensland." Lethaia 12: 275-279.
Thulborn, T. and M. Wade (1984). "Dinosaur trackways in the Winton Formation 
(mid-Cretaceous) of Queensland." Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 21(2): 
Agnew, N., H. Griffin, et al. (1989). Strategies and techniques for the 
preservation of fossil tracksites: an Australian example. Dinosaur tracks and 
traces. D. D. Gillette and M. G. Lockley. Cambridge, Cambridge University 
Press: 397-407.
Romilio, A. and S. Salisbury, W. (2011). "A reassessment of large theropod 
dinosaur tracks from the mid-Cretaceous (late Albian-Cenomanian) Winton 
Formation of Lark Quarry, central-western Queensland, Australia: A case for 
mistaken identity." Cretaceous Research 32: 135-142.

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> De : Martin Baeker <martin.baeker@tu-bs.de>
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> Objet : Talk at Dinotrack symposium
> Hi folks,
> last year at the great dinotrack symposium in Obernkirchen, I remember
> that one of the presenters showed tracks of a group of small theropods
> that suddenly changed direction close to a point where tracks from a
> bigger theropod can be seen, suggesting that this group might have
> been disturbed by the larger theropod.
> I cannot for the life of me remember which talk this was and who gave
> it - if somebody could help me out, that'd be great.
> Thanks,
> Martin.
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