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New study: Body Size, Feeding Rates, and Dimensions


Samraat Pawar, Anthony I. Dell, Van M. Savage. Dimensionality of
consumer search space drives trophic interaction strengths. Nature,
2012; DOI: 10.1038/nature11131

Not directly dinosaur-related, but close enough that it would be
interesting to investigate the methodology as applied to our beloved
multi-tonne obsessions.  A cursory glance at the write-up lends me to
believe that what the study has to say for land-bound animals like
sauropods may raise eyebrows (for better or worse).

Interestingly enough, the study's thesis, in a round about way, lends
support to the notion that sauropods exploited not 2D space (left,
right, forward, backward), but 3D space (up, down, left, right,
forward, backward) by employing those necks (and sometimes rearing)
over the range of trophic feeding levels... which in turn has obvious
implications for neck flexibility.

Anyone have access to the paper?  If you do, could you please pass it
my direction?