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Re: Huge morphological analysis reconfirms deep branch relationships among Squamates.

> >  Conrad tried to test this by deleting all taxa
> except limbless
> >  burrowers (snakes are basally burrowing in his
> analysis, and notably
> >  the burrowing Sineoamphisbaena is sister to
> Anniella+Krypteia in
> >  Gauthier et al.'s), and claimed because Krypteia
> still emerged,
> >  limbless burrowing characters weren't
> responsible.
> How about looking for correlated _characters_ instead and --
> not removing, but merging them?
> (I speak from experience when I say characters correlated to
> others shouldn't simply be removed. In fact, I'll publish on
> that. Short version: comparing characters is a great way to
> find mistakes in the coding of all of them.)

Good to know. Guess I'll look over the Livezey/Zusi Aves appendicular data in 
that regard. If I find something, I'll let you know.