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Re: Mesozoic birds made insects shrink

It reminds me of the idea that birds out-competed pterosaurs. I would imagine 
that had the K/T extinction not occured, the birds would still eventually lead 
the pterosaurs to extinction. They must have been quite diverse/advanced by the 
Campanian when only very large pterodactyls were left. And since the 
ramphorynchoids and small pterosaurs died out as the birds were just starting 
to emerge, it seems to me that the Aves were explosively successful from the 
outset (Archaeopteryx). Does anyone have more info on this idea?

Tom Yazbeck

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Subject: Re: Mesozoic birds made insects shrink 

From: Ben Creisler 

"Does this suggest that pterosaurs had a negligible effect on insect sizes?" 

The pterosaur issue is mentioned in these news stories: 



For other details about the topic of giant insects in the Triassic: