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Re: Mesozoic birds made insects shrink

On 6/5/2012 3:53 PM, Mike Keesey wrote:

How well do we understand what the evolution of bats meant for birds?

Have bats pushed birds out of any eco-space since the Eocene?

My impression is that the answer is "no, they seem to have largely avoided direct competition" -- so that might be an easy and cheap way to answer that.

There is _no_ evidence at all that birds competitively excluded pterosaurs, for 

AFAIK, birds waited until the largest ptero's were long gone to evolve to similar sizes, yet there is a very long record of at least bird-ish animals co-existing with pteros -- that seems to me like indirect but strong evidence further supporting the idea that the old "birds were the invasive new-comers that doomed the old guard" scenario is not a good fit to the geo-record.