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Re: Dinosaurs lighter than thought: Giraffatitan 23 (not 80) tons

 W. I. Sellers, J. Hepworth-Bell, P. L. Falkingham, K. T. Bates, C.
 A. Brassey, V. M. Egerton and P. L. Manning (2012)
Minimum convexhull mass estimations of complete mounted skeletons.

What if the skeletons are mismounted?

The biology building of the University of Vienna has an elephant skeleton in which the shoulderblades lie directly on the ribcage. The Natural-History Museum of Vienna has a *Prodeinotherium* skeleton in which the shoulderblades hover 10 cm away from the ribcage. Discuss.

And that's before we get to all those dinosaurs with ripped-open chests, with coracoids that lie half a meter apart instead of touching... the massively increased chest volume must show up as inflated mass estimates even with this method.