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Re: Armored titanosaurs with extreme skeletal pneumaticity

Rescued from truncation:

 Say what? THIS study reveals that non-theropod saurischians had PSP?

 I wonder what e.g. Matt Wedel has to say about this. And what this
 says about the review quality of PalZ. Nothing good, I'd say.....

 Heinrich Mallison

No, no, no. It specifies "extreme PSP":

> [...] Postcranial skeletal pneumaticity (PSP) has been reported in
> numerous extinct archosaurs including pterosaurs and non-avian
> dinosaurs. Here we report a case of extreme PSP in a group of
> small-bodied, armored sauropod dinosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous
> of South America. Based on osteological data, we report an
> extensive invasion of pneumatic diverticula along the vertebral
> column, reaching the distal portion of the tail. Also, we provide
> evidence of pneumaticity in both pectoral and pelvic girdles. Our
> study reveals that the extreme PSP in archosaurs is not restricted
> to pterosaurs and theropod dinosaurs.