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Re: pdf request

So does that mean that the anapsid condition was NOT the ancestral condition of 
the amniotes? Sounds kind of strange to me because the first tetrapods lacked a 
t.f. entirely. The mesosaurs are definately mysterious-why do they seem to 
appear out of nowhere? 

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On Tue, June 12, 2012 12:25 pm, tyazbeck@comcast.net wrote: 
> Anyone have the new paper on Mesosaurus being a synapsid available? Other 
> references on the mesosaurs would be good too. THanks in advance 


And the paper does not argue that Mesosaurus was a synapsid: rather, it 
observes that it had a lateral temporal fenestra. And as such either the 
ltf appeared in the ancestor of all amniotes and was subsequently covered 
over/lost in various subbranches or it evolved multiple times. 

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