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Re: synapsids (was RE: pdf request)

If you visit David Peters' website, he has his own mega-cladogram that 
apparently includes more reptile taxa than any other. I believe he includes the 
synapsida as the sister of Archosauromorpha. Could synapsids and diapsids be 
sister taxa, a clade excluding parareptiles, or even other reptiles? I don't 
know a lot about Paleozoic diapsids, but I hope someone else does.

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> If a synapsid condition really is primitive for amniotes, is 
> there any chance that some animals presently classified as 
> basal synapsids are actually closer to sauropsids, or basal 
> to the sauropsid-synapsid split? 
Extremely unlikely for the "classic" synapsids. Despite the fact the clade's 
name comes from a single character state, it is
supported by a number of derived characters from various parts of the skeleton.

That said, it has been occasionally suggested that Diadectes is a basal 
synapsid, although the majority of studies place it outside
crown-group amniotes.

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