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Re: Magnapaulia, "new" lambeosaurine from Baja California, Mexico

 New paper in PLoS ONE, creating a new genus (Magnapaulia) for
 "Lambeosaurus" laticaudus. Since the gender of the new generic name
 is feminine, the correct Neo-Latin combination technically should be
 Magnapaulia laticauda. The specific "laticaudus" was originally
 formed from the Latin latus "wide" + noun cauda "tail" and made
 masculine to match the gender of Lambeosaurus....

...which was wrong in the first place. You can't change the gender of a noun, and that's what "tail" is. The ICZN even spells out that species names which are "nouns in apposition" don't need to agree, and must not be made to agree, with the names of their genera.

Word to the wise: if you want "-tail_ed_" instead of "-tail" in a name you create, use "-caud_at_us/-a/-um". I forgot what it was, but a recent paper erected a "-caudatus" name and pretended to derive it directly from "cauda"; probably also declared it to be Greek while it's in fact Latin.