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Re: Magnapaulia, "new" lambeosaurine from Baja California, Mexico

COMMIES! I joke, although I really dislike Marxism, because it hampers 
progress, a la Lysenko ;-). I meant to say that since we use genus names in 
dino paleo as the usual most specific taxon, the dismantling of the binomial 
system would be costly. I agree that I am naive to this topic, David: I get the 
picture now. BTW, what is the purpose of DVORAK?

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> > It's like saying the United States needs to stop being a free
> > market economy and adopt communism.
>  That analogy doesn't make any sense to me.

Or to me. ~:-|

>  It's more like QWERTY keyboards -- they were adopted for a reason
>  that is no longer viable, but we can't change to something more
>  efficient (like Dvorak) because everyone's too used to them.

Yep. If you hit several keys on a typewriter at once, the levers clash, 
and the typewriter jams. The QWERTY keyboard is designed to _slow down_ 
common sequences and force you to use several different finger positions 
or different hands for them, so the time intervals during which you're 
pressing keys are less likely to overlap.