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Re: Magnapaulia, "new" lambeosaurine from Baja California, Mexico

 COMMIES! I joke, although I really dislike Marxism, because it
 hampers progress, a la Lysenko ;-)

Obviously I won't discuss this here any further... just... by no means all Marxists are communists, and even among those I really don't think there are any Lysenkoists left.

 I meant to say that since we use genus names in dino paleo as the
 usual most specific taxon, the dismantling of the binomial system
 would be costly.

Not for us! We could simply start ignoring species names a bit more than we're already doing! :-) For most neontologists it would be costly. There are insect genera with thousands of species, and even *Anolis* (look it up) has 400.

 BTW, what is the purpose of DVORAK?

To make typing faster and less damaging to your health.