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Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments June issue is open access

From: Ben Creisler

The June issue of Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments is now
open access (free pdfs). A number of articles may be of interest to
the DML, some mentioned here already:



Francisco Gascó, Alberto Cobos, Rafael Royo-Torres, Luis Mampel and
Luis Alcalá (2012)
Theropod teeth diversity from the Villar del Arzobispo Formation
(Tithonian–Berriasian) at Riodeva (Teruel, Spain).

Judith Pardo-Pérez, Eberhard Frey, Wolfgang Stinnesbeck, Marta S.
Fernández and Luis Rivas, et al. (2012)
An ichthyosaurian forefin from the Lower Cretaceous Zapata Formation
of southern Chile: implications for morphological variability within

Susanna B. Kümmell and Eberhard Frey (2012)
Digital arcade in the autopodia of Synapsida: standard position of the
digits and dorsoventral excursion angle of digital joints in the rays