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Re: Having trouble pronouncing Dinosaur genus/species names


> I've always felt that since dinosaurs found in other countries seem to be
> using its language and use of tribal speak as sources of names [latinized in
> some cases] it is time we in the countries of North America [north of the
> Rio Grande] begin using native american words for new dinosaur names.

It seems to have started already if Suuwassea and Yurgovuchia are
anything to go by. Tiktaalik and Puijila deserve an honorable mention

> Some examples: East coast [Mohican, Powhatan, Algonquin], Mid-west [Siouan
> language group], Mountain state [Dakota and Sioux languages], Southwestern
> states [Navajo, Zuni, Apache], West coast & Pacific northwest, Alaska,
> northern Canada [Inuktitut]
> Each language has a wonderful, rich culture, religion, and mythology a great
> source of very difficult names to pronounce but very much North American
> If I every find a mid-Cretaceous brachiosaurid on the Appalachian side of
> the Dakota Formation I'm sure to give it the name "Nishnabotnasaurus"

That's difficult?

It was way more difficult to wrap my head around IPA (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ipa ) to render approximately my


though due to my being Portuguese that last Classic Latin /s/ gets
turned into a /ʒ/

And I'd rather that, with the appropriate concessions for latinization
of pronunciation, people would go whole hog and drop those hoary old

Renato Santos