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An alternate universe (was Re: Nqwebasaurus, an African ornithomimosaur)

Something to ponder:

In an alternate universe, there is a linguistics discussion list, on a
thread called "South African phonemes", a good 95% of the discussions are
on the anatomy, functional biology, and phylogenetic relationships of an
Early Cretaceous coelurosaur...

On Sat, June 16, 2012 12:46 pm, David Èerný wrote:
> I'm surprised no one has mentioned this paper yet:
> Atkinson QD 2011 Phonemic diversity supports a serial founder effect
> model of language expansion from Africa. Science 332(6027): 346--9
> The phoneme inventory size strongly correlates with geographical
> distance from Africa. It's not inversely proportional to wearing
> "actual" clothes (whatever those are) or living in multi-story
> buildings, though.
> --
> David Ä?erný

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