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RE: Island-dwelling dinosaurs (was Re: Gargantuavis neck vertebra)

> > Am 18.06.2012 um 17:53 schrieb Brian Lauret:
> > What we consider to be normal weaknesses and behaviour for flightless birds 
> > on islands may not be particularly applicable to flightless birds that 
> > evolve on continents rarer though they may be.
> Two things worth considering:

> concentration of ostriches occurs in the more arid sections of savanna
> grasslands. Indeed, all continental large flightless birds (except
> Cassowary) depend on expanse of grassland for nesting.


 All extant flightless birds, anyway.  Wasn't Madagascar's Elephant Bird (and 
New Zealand's Moas) largely forest-dwelling?



> (excuse the phrase) of low predator ability. Without doubt, thylacines
> were fearsome animals. However, they may not have been as clever at
> hunting down large flightless bird nesting sites as their placental
> counterparts.


 How clever does an organism need to be to find egg-filled nests?  (snakes and 
monitors do it all the time)