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New bird genus Eoornithura

>From the new Chaoyangia paper by O'Connor et al. we get a new genus and 
>species in the supplementary info- Eoornithura lii.  It's mentioned twice- as 
>being newly added to the matrix, then in the matrix itself.  Based on the 
>species name and the fact Schizooura lii is missing from the matrix but 
>present in the cladogram, and coauthored by O'Connor, it's probable 
>Eoornithura was an early name for Schizooura and that it was left in the 
>supplementary info by mistake.  This makes it the second of O'Connor's birds 
>to have a former name slip through in supplementary information, with the 
>other being "Dalianornis" for Shenquiornis.

The Chaoyangia paper is excellent, btw.  It's surprising just how poorly 
preserved Songlingornis is.  I hope she plans to tackle Hou's other birds 
(Cuspirostrisornis, Longchengornis, Largirostrornis, Cathayornis? caudatus) 

Mickey Mortimer