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Australovenator forearm and manus described

From: Ben Creisler

New in PLoS ONE:

Matt A. White, Alex G. Cook, Scott A. Hocknull, Trish Sloan, George H.
K. Sinapius & David A. Elliott (2012)
New Forearm Elements Discovered of Holotype Specimen Australovenator
wintonensis from Winton, Queensland, Australia.
PLoS ONE 7(6): e39364.

New skeletal elements are reported of the holotype specimen
Australovenator wintonensis, from the type locality, near Winton,
central western Queensland. New elements include left and right
humeri, right radius, right radiale, right distal carpal 1, near
complete right metacarpal I, left manual phalanx II-1, left manual
phalanx II-2, near complete left manual phalanx II-3 and a left manual
phalanx III-3. These new elements combined with those previously
described are compared against other neovenatorids.