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Middle Jurassic Yanliao biota in Liaoning Province

From: Ben Creisler

A new article that may be of interest. The main text is in Chinese but
the pdf can be downloaded for free.

GUO Xiang-qi,  HAN Jian-gang &  JI Shu-an (2012)
Advances in the study of vertebrate fossils of the Middle Jurassic
Yanliao biota in western Liaoning Province and adjacent areas.
Geological Bulletin of China 31(06):928-935.

In recent years, numerous fossil vertebrates, invertebrates and plants
have been found in the Middle Jurassic Tiaojishan and Jiulongshan
Formations in western Liaoning, southeastern Inner Mongolia and
northern Hebei. This biota is called Yanliao biota. Up till now, 28
species of different vertebrate groups have been formally named, which
include 1 fish, 4 amphibians, 1 lizard, 12 pterosaurs, 5 theropods,
and 5 mammals. The vertebrates of this biota have great significance
for studying the theropod evolution, the pterosaur classification, and
the lissamphibian diversity. Although the diversity of the Middle
Jurassic Yanliao biota is less than that of the Early Cretaceous Jehol
biota, it provides important evidence for understanding the succession
of the Late Mesozoic biotas in this region.