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Stegosaur tracks from Lower Cretaceous of Spain

From: Ben Creisler

A new paper available online. The pdf is free.

Carlos Pascual, José Ignacio Canudo, Nieves Hernández, José Luis Barco
& Diego Castanera (2012)
First record of stegosaur dinosaur tracks in the Lower Cretaceous
(Berriasian) of Europe (Oncala group, Soria, Spain).
Geodiversitas 34 (2): 297-312.
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5252/g2012n2a4

This paper describes for the first time a stegosaur track from the
Cretaceous of Europe. It focuses on a cast that preserves pes-manus
tracks recovered in the Huérteles Alloformation of the Berriasian of
Soria (northern Spain). This track has been assigned to Deltapodus
isp. on the basis of the pes morphology.
Nonetheless, in the manus lacks the claw-shaped imprint of the pollex
that characterizes Deltapodus brodricki Whyte & Romano, 1994, the type
ichnospecies of the ichnogenus Deltapodus Whyte & Romano, 1994. The
stegosaurs were abundant and diverse in the Late Jurassic of the
Iberian Peninsula, as evidenced by their ichnological and osseous
record. The presence of Deltapodus isp. provides further support for
the view that the stegosaurs did not disappear in the
Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary crisis and kept going on the Iberian
Peninsula for at least for the initial part of the Early Cretaceous.