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New Muzquizopteryx specimen from Mexico (free pdf!)

From: Ben Creisler

A new paper (still in press). Pdf is free.

Eberhard Frey, Ross A. Elgin, Wolfgang Stinnesbeck, José Manuel
Padilla-Gutiérrez, Christina Ifrim, Samuel Giersch, and Arturo H.
González-González (2012)
A new specimen of nyctosaurid pterosaur, cf. Muzquizopteryx sp. from
the Late Cretaceous of northeast Mexico.
Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Geológicas 29(1): 131-139 (in press)

Here we describe a second nyctosaurid pterosaur from the Late
Cretaceous laminated limestone deposits of northeast Mexico. The
specimen was discovered in the Múzquiz quarry area in northern
Coahuila and comprises an isolated right wing skeleton including the
humerus, radius/ulna, carpus, wing finger metacarpus and the proximal
segment of wing finger phalanx I. The specimen is likely to be a
primarily  isolated wing, at  least  the basal wing finger phalanx of
which was complete prior  to collection. The specimen is referred to
cf. Muzquizopteryx sp. on account of its humerus morphology, which is
coincident with that of Muzquizopteryx coahuilensis, although a lack
of diagnostic characters at the species level prevents any further
identifcation. Its discovery from the Late Turonian deposits of
northern Coahuila near Muzquíz, confrms it as the oldest nyctosaurid
discovered to date.