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Torosaurus - Original Museum Notes Posted

Relevant to the ongoing discussion, I have posted my 30 pages of notes
on the YPM Torosaurus specimens via figshare.com. This includes
sketches, measurements, and other observations. My hope is that the
data will be useful for other folks out there who may not have access
to the original specimens. I also hope that other researchers, across
paleontology, will consider digitizing and making available their own
notes (within certain bounds - I would never suggest someone should be
mandated to post their own unpublished data from an ongoing project!).

Notes and Observations on Specimens of Torosaurus at the Yale Peabody
Museum of Natural History. Andrew Farke. Figshare.
Retrieved 15:40, March 02, 2012

To get directly to the data set, paste
"hdl.handle.net/10779/664bf2cb5ac486da32c7fb7261e595cd" into your