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Re: Torosaurus - Original Museum Notes Posted

Many thanks for the notes Andy, and kudos too to Mike for doing an excellent job serving-up his supplementary data.

  It just goes to show what's possible these days - this is exactly the
kind of thing we canvassed support for last year:

There are very many different data stores available, some for 'general' data some for specialist data types only, and most will host your data your free, very gladly. Many quantitative studies have shown data archiving has a good return on investment e.g. Piwowar, HA, Vision, TJ, & Whitlock, MC (2011). Data archiving is a good investment Nature, 473 (7347), 285-285

To quote the Panton Principles:

"Science is based on building on, reusing and openly criticising the published body of scientific knowledge."

Without full, free, Open access to the data (be it numbers, images or other) that underlies the science we publish - how are we meant to effectively and efficiently build upon what we know?

I think it's great that Paleobiology and now the Journal of Paleontology archive *all* their supplementary data with Dryad. Perhaps other paleo journals could think about following this precedent?

For a reminder, here's a list of just some great paleo-databases/projects out there: PaleoDB[1], MorphoBank[2], BioMesh[3], TreeBASE[4], BioTorrents[5], DigiMorph[6], MorphologyNet[7], MorphBank[8],Dryad[9], The Open Dinosaur Project[10], Zoobank[11], Cladestore[12], FigShare[13], ESRF Paleontological Microtomographic DB[14], Pangaea[15], Graeme Lloyd's dinosaur matrices[16] and many more...!



[1] http://paleodb.org/
[2] http://www.morphobank.org/
[3] http://www.biomesh.org/
[4] http://www.treebase.org/
[5] http://www.biotorrents.net/
[6] http://digimorph.org/
[7] http://ontology1.srv.mst.edu/morphologynet/about.html
[8] http://www.morphbank.net/
[9] http://www.datadryad.org/
[10] http://opendino.wordpress.com/
[11] http://zoobank.org/
[12] http://palaeo.gly.bris.ac.uk/cladestore/default.html
[13] http://figshare.com/
[14] http://paleo.esrf.eu/
[15] http://www.pangaea.de/
[16] http://www.graemetlloyd.com/matr.html

Ross Mounce
PhD Student
Fossils, Phylogeny and Macroevolution Research Group
University of Bath
4 South Building, Lab 1.07