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"Sleeping" Guaibasaurus described

From: Ben Creisler

This is the official paper for a news story in Spanish that I posted
on the DML a few weeks back about a Guaibasaurus fossil found in a
birdlike "sleeping" posture.

Agnolin, F. & Martinelli, A.G. (2012)
Guaibasaurus candelariensis (Dinosauria, Saurischia) and the early
origin of avian-like resting posture.
Alcheringa (1–5) (advance online publication)
ISSN 0311-5518

A specimen of the basal saurisquian Guaibasaurus candelariensis
Bonaparte, Ferigolo and Ribeiro (UFRGS-PV-0725-T) from the Faxinal do
Soturno locality, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil (Caturrita
Formation; Late Triassic) lacks any sign of post-mortem transport and
burial deformation, and exhibits features (flexed forelimbs, folded
hindlimbs under the body and curved neck) that indicate a typical
avian-like resting position. The presence in Guaibasaurus of an
avian-like resting posture and related physiological implications
would extend this unique trait, previously considered restricted to
derived maniraptoran theropods, to the base of the Theropoda (or even
Saurischia) clade.