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Re: Velociraptor scavenged azhdarchid pterosaur

Henrique Niza <drdinopt@gmail.com> wrote:

> I think it is far reasonable to assume, considering the difference in
> body size between the two specimens preserved, that the Protoceratops
> was the one attacking the Velociraptor and not the other way around.

I disagree.  When a carnivore like _Velociraptor_ is preserved locked
in combat with a herbivore like _Protoceratops_... I tend to think
that the carnivore might be the aggressor here.  After all, this *is*

If the sickle-claws of dromaeosaurids were used to either climb prey
(as crampons; Manning et al., 2006) or for prey-riding (Fowler et al.,
2011) it requires that the prey is fairly large compared to the
predator.  So prey such as _Protoceratops_ would seem to be ideal
targets for _Velociraptor_.

> Whether or not the struggle began cause of that can't be known. But
> isn't improbable since predator/prey often coexist in non-predatory
> relations and perhaps the Velociraptor got too close to the
> Protoceratops.

Why would the _Velociraptor_ get too close to the _Protoceratops_...
if not for the obvious reason?

If, as you suggest, _P_ was the aggressor, why wouldn't _V_ simply
just run away?