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Re: Velociraptor scavenged azhdarchid pterosaur

Dann Pigdon <dannj@alphalink.com.au> wrote:

> I quite like the idea that dromaeosaur forelimbs could have been used as 
> stabilising 'wings' during
> prey-climbing.

It's my understanding that stability-flapping required a complete
flight stroke.  Were dromaeosaur forelimbs even capable of this range
of motion?

> If the forelimbs did have aerodynamic feathered surfaces, then it would seem 
> that
> employing them physically during predation would have risked damaging the 
> feathers.

The quill knobs along the posterior ulna suggest that _Velociraptor_
had some type of integumental structure attached to the forelimb.  If
they were long feathers (remiges), I've wondered if the purpose of the
"wings" was to confuse the prey.  Further, if the purpose of the
feathers was not aerodynamic, then it wouldn't matter if they were
damaged, or even yanked out completely by struggling prey.