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RE: Microraptor Had Iridescent Plumage

> > In *Eoenantiornis*, feathers reach almost all the way to the tip, and
> > the tip itself is prepared out.
> I'd be careful about that. True, the halo of feathers does extend quite
> far rostrally. But the premaxilla does not have feathers. Also, the
> skull is partially disarticulated. The right side, where the feathers
> extend farthest distally, has a displaced maxilla, and  frontal splayed
> out. Those fragments look like they carried the feathers up distally.
> On the left side the feathers end before the posterior margin of the
> nostril, as I mentioned and as I illustrated in Microraptor.


Well, that's what I get for relying on the tiny photo in the description.