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Re: Mesozoic multituberculates diversified well before dinosaur extinction

"Very interesting!! This shows the likely size increase of multis...any evidence of similar trends in other mammals? I think Cimolestes and Zhelestids increased similarly, some of them anyway. If so, could be relaxation of dinosaur-enforced size restriction, or opening of new niches afforded by floral revolution. Thanks, John Bois"

Offhand, I seem to recall some of the South American Upper Cretaceous dryolestoids have been reported for being relatively large, and North America's marsupial star, /Didelphodon/, frequently gets referred to as 'badger-sized'. (That's compared to the North American badger, not the larger Eurasian model). Similar dimensions have been stated for the possible placental /Schowalteria/ from Alberta.

Talking of being on the scrounge...
Should anybody happen to have a pdf of the 2012 multi paper in Nature, I sadly haven't. A copy would be given a good home.