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Panchetocynodon (free pdf!)

From: Ben Creisler

In case some DML members are interested, the pdf for Panchetocynodon,
a new Triassic cynodont from India, can be downloaded at:


D. P. Das and Abir Gupta (2012)
New cynodont record from the lower Triassic Panchet Formation, Damodar valley.
Earth and Environmental Science Journal of the Geological Society of
India 79(2): 175-180
DOI: 10.1007/s12594-012-0022-2

This paper reports the find of a new non-mammalian cynodont from the
Lower Triassic Panchet Formation of the Damodar valley, West Bengal,
India. The fossil, recovered from a clay pellet rich calcareous
sandstone bed, is a part of left lower jaw having five post canines
that are damaged to various extents. A combination of mammal-like
advanced characters such as much enlarged dentary, reduced post
dentary bones, high coronoid process, large masseteric fossa, each
post canine with a large central cusp flanked by a distal and a mesial
accessory cusps with two additional lingually positioned cingular
cusps, incipient root division and clearly demarcated crown-root
juncture prompted to erect a new taxon Panchetocynodon damodarensis
gen. et sp. nov.