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Re: The word "dinosaur" to be banned on test

On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 7:11 AM, Raymond Ancog <rayancog@pldtdsl.net> wrote:

> What, they have something against the Flinstones too?


While I have (until now silently) been contemplating the relaxation of
our rule against the introduction of Creationism as a topic on the
dinosaur list, it is currently still policy that the subject is not
allowed here.  Serious penalties can and will be levied against
violators.  Please do not post anything about the subject here.  I'd
ask that even if we do choose to relax the rules.  Dan's message was
less problematic -- the wtf article he pointed out indicated that
"dinosaur" and "evolution" might make some students uncomfortable if
they did not believe in those thins but did not elaborate.  We often
split hairs to avoid meting out the penalties of rule 8c


but everyone here should know better than to tempt fate and respond.
Nothing in the wtf article really relates to dinosaur science.  We
don't need to discuss it here.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Mickey Rowe     (MickeyPRowe@gmail.com)