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Re: Mosasauridae synapomorphies

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Dear Illaria, you can find both papers in pdf for free. The Bulletin of the AMNH can be 
found on the website dedicated to their publications and most of the Comptes Rendus 
hebdomadaires de l'Académie des Sciences (with accents, please) are available on 
www.gallica.fr, the website of the BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France).


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Dear Listmembers,

I need the list of the synapomorphic characters of the family =
Mosasauridae Gervais, 1853.
Does anyone have the PDFs of Gervais (1853) and Russell (1967)?

Gervais, P. 1853. Observations relative aux reptiles fossiles de France. =
Academie Scientifique de Paris Comptu Rendus, 36: 374-377, 470-474.

Russell, D. A. 1967. Systematics and morphology of American mosasaurs. =
Bullettin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History, 23: 1-241.

Many thanks in advance!

Ilaria Paparella
Department of Earth Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome