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Re: Dinosaur morphological diversity and the end-Cretaceous extinction - PDF REQUEST

If anyone has access to his paper, I'd love to get a copy.



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> From: Robert Schenck <schenck.rob@gmail.com>
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> Sent: Tuesday, 1 May 2012 12:25 PM
> Subject: Dinosaur morphological diversity and the end-Cretaceous extinction 
> paper, 2012
> http://www.nature.com/ncomms/journal/v3/n5/full/ncomms1815.html
> Stephen L. Brusatte,     Richard J. Butler,     Albert Prieto-Márquez     &
> Mark A. Norell
> "The extinction of non-avian dinosaurs 65 million years ago is a
> perpetual topic of fascination, and lasting debate has focused on
> whether dinosaur biodiversity was in decline before end-Cretaceous
> volcanism and bolide impact. Here we calculate the morphological
> disparity (anatomical variability) exhibited by seven major dinosaur
> subgroups during the latest Cretaceous, at both global and regional
> scales. Our results demonstrate both geographic and clade-specific
> heterogeneity. Large-bodied bulk-feeding herbivores (ceratopsids and
> hadrosauroids) and some North American taxa declined in disparity
> during the final two stages of the Cretaceous, whereas carnivorous
> dinosaurs, mid-sized herbivores, and some Asian taxa did not. Late
> Cretaceous dinosaur evolution, therefore, was complex: there was no
> universal biodiversity trend and the intensively studied North
> American record may reveal primarily local patterns. At least some
> dinosaur groups, however, did endure long-term declines in
> morphological variability before their extinction."
> What's up with this article, it's listed as, not Nature, but Nature
> Communications? Is there going to be an actual article published in
> Nature soon? I wanted to request it via ILL but, what am I even
> requesting, an actual full Nature article or some 'notice' of a study
> in "Nature Communications"? Forgive my ignorance.
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