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Re: Fwd: The reminders of registration and abstract submission for the 5th DEB in Hangzhou, China

Rescued from truncation:

Just a reminder about the upcoming deadlines for the 5th International
Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs and Babies:

Begin forwarded message:

From: =B5=D8=C7=F2=BF=C6=D1=A7=B2=BF=B9=AB=B9=B2=D3=CA=CF=E4 <isodeb5@zmnh.com>
Date: April 25, 2012 8:37:07 PM MDT
To: abalanoff <abalanoff@amnh.org>
Subject: The reminders of registration and abstract submission for the
5th DEB in Hangzhou=A3=ACChina

Dear colleagues,
Hello and welcome to the 5th International Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs
and Babies which will take place in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province,
China 14-20 September 2012.
With only 142 days to go until DEB 2012 in beautiful Hangzhou, we
bring you reminders regarding registration and abstract submission.
Most importantly, the abstract submission is closing soon, and we
kindly remind you that the deadline for registration is 31st MAY!
Sending email to the mailbox is theONLY method for abstracts submitted
and registrations, isodeb5@zmnh.com
We look forward to receiving your submission.

Zhejiang Museum of Natural History
No.6 in the Westlake Cultural Plaza, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310014



14-20 September, 2012


 HOST: Zhejiang Museum of Natural History

About Us:
Zhejiang Museum of Natural History is one of the few provincial-level museums in natural history in China. Its predecessor, the West Lake Museum, was born out of the first West Lake Exposition in 1929. During the past 80 years, it has played an active role in protecting natural heritage, popularizing science, conducting academic researches and promoting cultural exchange, and so forth. The new Museum, covering an area of 26,000 square meters, was officially opened to the public for free in July, 2009. Zhejiang Museum of Natural History is located in the center of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Hotels and restaurants are conveniently located near the museum. The Museums current facility opened in 2009 and has a lecture room and several meeting rooms. Zhejiang Museum of Nature History houses over 3000 dinosaur eggs and other dinosaur fossils.

The schedule for the symposium:
Date                         Arrangements
14th Sept, 2012     Registration for a participant of premeeting
fieldtrip at the museum
15th Sept, 2012     One-day trip to Changxing Geopark featuring the Global
Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) of the Permian-Triassic.
16-17th Sept, 2012  Two days of talks and poster sessions to be held
at the museum.
18th Sept, 2012     Two days fieldtrip begins. Day 1 will include a
visit to the famous Guoqing temple and the Tiantai Basin where many dinosaur eggs have been discovered. 19th Sept, 2012 Day 2 of fieldtrip will include a visit to the Dongyang Basin and dinosaur skeleton, egg, and footprint localities.
20th Sept, 2012     Symposium ends
=A1=F9Fieldtrips are optional, and the post-meeting 2-day field trip includes one-night stay in Dongyang City.

- Fill the registration table correctly and clearly.
- Submit the filled table together with abstract to isodeb5@zmnh.com .
- We will reply in five weekdays.
Registration fee: Including conference kit, abstract volume, accommodation in Dongyang city, transportation from Hangzhou to Changxing and Hangzhou to Tiantai or Dongyang, meals and breaks, tickets and travel insurance during the trip. Please note that the registration fees do not include accommodation, insurance. Reception dinners and banquet during the conference will be arranged by conference organizers.
the pre-meeting field trip 50
the meeting registration 150
the post-meeting 2-day field trip 150
Students pay half price

Method of Payment: We are sorry for that we only accept cash Chinese Yuan when you register at Zhejiang Museum of Natural History at Hangzhou.

Abstract Submission:
All participants are invited to submit abstracts regarding your research on areas of dinosaur eggs and dinosaur babies. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Abstract Volume.
- Written in English, Font-Book Antiqua, Font size-12 pt
- Not exceed 5,000 characters or not over two A4 pages (including spaces and punctuation), counting title, authors, affiliations, and references - Abstracts will be published in an Abstract Volume distributed during the conference.
Deadline for abstract submission: 31 MAY 2012.
Abstracts must be submitted ELECTRONICALLY by 31 May 2012. No abstracts will be accepted without registration. Every registered participant has the right to submit up to two extended abstracts. Abstracts must be submitted in Microsoft Word format to isodeb5@zmnh.com ! Special Exhibition: A special exhibition will include fossil eggs with embryos, dinosaur babies, and all types of fossil eggs found in China. If you are interested in displaying your research in the exhibit, we can assist you in having permanent panels made in Hangzhou. Authors, however, assume responsibility for the expense.
Language:  The official languages of symposium are English and Chinese.
Weather : Warm, sunny and dry in September with 25=A1=E6average temperature in Hangzhou.
Contact : Xiuti Li
Zhejiang Museum of Natural History
No.6 in the Westlake Cultural Plaza, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Tel: 0086-571-88212936
Email: isodeb5@zmnh.com
Website: www.english.zmnh.com

Last name                         First Name
Title or Position
Nationality                gender          =A1=F5  Male     =A1=F5  Female
City              Postcode                 Country
Tel               Fax                      Email

Oral presentation in title

Poster presentation in title

Register as     Regular participant     =A1=F5       Student =A1=F5

Plan to participating field trip
       The pre-meeting field trip (RMB: 300 / USD:50)=A1=F5
       The post-meeting field trip (RMB: 900/ USD:150)=A1=F5
       Both two field trips (RMB: 900 / USD:200)=A1=F5
       Only the symposium (RMB: 900/ USD:150)=A1=F5
Please submit the filled table together with abstract to isodeb5@zmnh.com before 31 May 2012