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RE: Theropod auctions (RE: ankylosaur turbinates)

Brad McFeeters wrote-

> Regarding the "Carcharodontosaurus" toe on page 105, is there anything 
> diagnostic about theropod toes that would exclude this from being the toe of 
> another Kem Kem giant theropod such as *Spinosaurus*?

Generally not between megalosauroids and carnosaurs that's been described, 
though if Spinosaurus B / Sigilmassasaurus is Carcharodontosaurus, it had 
rather odd pedal unguals compared to described unguals from megalosauroids, 
'sinraptorids' or Allosaurus.  Of course the supposed toe you reference near 
certainly isn't correctly articulated, since the proximal phalanx resembles 
II-2, III-1 or III-2, while the distal is probably IV-3 or IV-4.  Might not 
even be associated for all we know.

Mickey Mortimer