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Re: Tarbosaurus number ?

Thank you, John and Richard !

In fact, I read in Hurum and Sabath's (2003) paper that PIN 553-1 consisted only in a "skull, vertebrae, metacarpals and metatarsals", so I thought the number given in Wikipedia was wrong, but Maleev (1974) confirms indeed that this skeleton is actually more complete.


Le 16/05/2012 23:48, Richard W. Travsky a écrit :

On Wed, 16 May 2012 john-schneiderman@cox.net wrote:


I believe the picture shows a cast of PIN 553-1 Tarbosaurus bataar [holotype of and originally named Gorgosaurus lancinator Maleev, 1955], the caudal vertebra are cast of PIN 553-2 (ref: Maleev, 1974), and a paster cast was made of its braincase for study PIN 553-3 (ref: Saveliev and Alifanov, 2005)

If you dig back to the referring page it gives that