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Re: Mongolian Legal firm's Press Release--T bataar.

Greg Rohan of Heritage Auctions in NY was just on the radio 
defending the sale and all the hard work some preparator 
put into "preserving it for the buyer." He strikes me as 
about as sleazy as they come--completely poo-pooing the 
idea that anyone would ever smuggle a valuable fossil 
out of a place like Mongolia. 

Someone ought to go to jail over this if that T. bataar 
really came from Mongolia, in which case those who stole 
it are basically raping the Mongolian people (and in a 
sense everyone who will never have access to it now). 
Raping them like retired whores so some rich Republican 
can have a dinosaur in his living room for his children 
to climb on.

--- On Sun, 5/20/12, Dan Chure <danchure@easilink.com> wrote:

> From: Dan Chure <danchure@easilink.com>
> Subject: Mongolian Legal firm's Press Release and account of today's  
> contingency sale of T bataar.
> To: "DML" <dinosaur@usc.edu>, "Vert Paleo" <vrtpaleo@usc.edu>
> Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012, 8:27 PM
> The following press release is from
> the legal firm representing the Mongolian government
> about what transpired during the "contingency" sale of the T
> bataar today. Interesting.
> Dan
> *Sale of Tyrannosaurus Fossil in New York Today Delayed By
> President of Mongolia*
> *New York, NY*  – Today, the sale of a dinosaur
> skeleton believed to be a
> Mongolian national treasure – a 24-foot-long, 8-foot-tall
> Tyrannosaurus
> fossil – was put on hold by legal action taken by the
> President of
> Mongolia, Elbegdorj Tsakhia.  Houston attorney Robert
> Painter filed a
> lawsuit in a Texas district court on behalf of the President
> enjoining the
> sale and transfer of the huge fossil until legal ownership
> and proper
> provenance is proven in court.  A Texas judge signed a
> temporary
> restraining order that ordered Dallas-based Heritage
> Auctions, Inc. to halt
> the sale of the fossil that experts believe was smuggled out
> of Mongolia.
> Officials with Heritage Auctions were served with the
> temporary restraining
> o
during the
> auction. A copy of the original petition and TRO can be
> found at this link:
> www.painterfirm.com
> When this particular lot came up for auction today, the
> Heritage Auctions,
> Inc. auctioneer read a statement, “The sale of this next
> lot will be
> contingent on a satisfactory resolution of a court
> proceeding dealing with
> this matter.”
> At that point, attorney Robert Painter got Judge Carlos
> Cortez, of the 44th
> District Court of Dallas County, Texas, who signed the TRO,
> on his cell
> phone.  Painter stood up at the auction, and stated
> that the judge was on
> the telephone and that going forward with the auction, even
> contingent on
> the court proceeding, would violate the TRO.
> Heritage Auctions, Inc. President Greg Rohan rushed toward
> Painter, refused
> to speak with Judge Cortez, asked Painter to leave the room
> and directed
> that the auction proceed.
> Painter said, “I am very surprised that Heritage Auctions,
> Inc. knowingly
> defied a valid court order, particularly with the judge on
> the phone,
> listening and ready to explain his order.  It makes me
> wonder if that
> Heritage Auctions, Inc. has a similar disregard for the
> property laws that
> protect antiquities, like the Tyrannosaurus fossil, that
> they attempt to
> auction.”
> “I applaud President Elbegdorj for taking swift action to
> oppose the sale
> of this important Mongolian national treasure, and to make
> sure that it is
> not transferred to anyone until its ownership is verified in
> court,” said
> Texas-based Ed Story, Honorary Consul General of Mongolia.
> “His leadership
> in protecting the cultural heritage of the Mongolian people
> was on display
> again today in New York, thousands of miles away from
> Mongolia.”
> Painter added, “This is a victory not only for the people
> of Mongolia who
> are one step closer to proving the true ownership of this
> important
> dinosaur, but also for the important friendship between the
> people of
> United States and Mongolia.”
o the Daily Mail newspaper, this 80 million year
> old fossil was
> found in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia in 2005. A team of UK
> and American
> scientists assembled it. Mongolian law prohibits the
> transport of such
> fossils outside the country.
> “These specimens are the patrimony of the Mongolian people
> and should be in
> a museum in Mongolia,” said Dr. Mark Norell, Chairman and
> Curator, American
> Museum of American History, Division of Palentology [sic],
> who worked in
> Mongolia for 22 years.