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Palaeochirotherium, new Triassic archosaur tracks from central Germany

From: Ben Creisler

Many thanks to Jürgen Fichter for bringing this paper to my attention
and for providing a copy. Although the issue is dated 2011, I believe
the true publication date would be 2012, which affects the citation
for the new ichnotaxon: Palaeochirotherium macrodactylum Fichter &
Kunz 2012. Please correct me if I am wrong!

I mentioned the name Palaeochirotherium when it appeared in a German
news story a few weeks back. See below.

Jürgen Fichter & Reiner Kunz (2011 [2012])
Neue Nachweise chirotheroider Fährten in der Detfurth-Formation
(Mittlerer Buntsandstein, Untere Trias) bei Wolfhagen.[New evidence of
chirotheroid tracks in the Detfurth-Formation (Middle Bunter, Lower
Triassic) near Wolfhagen.]
Geologisches Jahrbuch Hessen 137: 5-18

New evidence of chirotheroid tracks from a quarry near Wolfhagen with
exposed Detfurth-Formation (Middle Bunter, Lower Triassic) is
described. (Speculative) information about the population of
trackmakers of Protochirotherium wolfhagense Fichter & Kunz is
discussed. Additionally, a hypothetical reconstruction of the actual
foot morphology is presented. The discovery of a hitherto unknown type
of track led to the creation of the new species and genus
Palaeochirotherium macrodactylum ichnogen. nov. ichnospec. nov. The
genus Synaptichnium was also detected for the first time in this

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