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Re: Chickens are Myrmecophages

Dann Pigdon <dannj@alphalink.com.au> wrote:

> Dromornithids may have been been the bane of many a small- to medium-sized 
> mammal - and at
> a fraction of the size of a tyrannosaur.

Someone I knew once proposed (in print) that dromornithids were
ferocious predators.  The hypothesis that dromornithids (mihirungs)
were carnivores rather than herbivores is controversial to say the
least, and has come up against fierce opposition (e.g., in the
_Magnificent Mihirungs_ volume).

> I recently saw some lions at an open-range
> zoo who happened to be on a starve day (so we missed seeing them get fed), 
> and they payed no
> attention at all to the tiny fairy wrens foraging about them.

Or to Englishmen on bicycles.

Sorry, this references an old Australian joke (or anecdote).  Many
decades ago, an open-range big game park in Australia was said to have
a sign at the entrance that read: "Admission $10 per car.  Englishmen
on bicycles free!"