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Re: Coronosaurus, new ceratopsid genus for Centrosaurus brinkmani

David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

>> Coronosaurus is of course a  member of Coronosauria (Sereno 1986). Is
>> this = the first time in dinosaur nomenclature that the genus was
>> named after the = similarly-named higher taxon?
> I think so. Outside it, of course, there's *Archosaurus*, apparently named
> for being the oldest known archosaur sensu lato.

Yes, _Archosaurus_ is now considered a basal archosauriform, but not
an archosaur (sensu stricto).  Nesbitt (2011) recovered it as a

Outside of Archosauria (way outside), another example of a genus named
after a similar-named higher taxon is the fossil prototherian
_Monotrematum_, originally assigned to the Monotremata.
_Monotrematum_ is now often considered a junior synonym of
_Obdurodon_.  But if Monotremata is limited to the crown clade
(_Ornithorhynchus anatinus_+_Tachyglossus aculeatus_), and
_Obdurodon_/_Monotrematum_ lies outside of this clade (as some
phylogenies have proposed), then the genus _Monotrematum_ would not
belong in Monotremata.