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Re: Xenoceratops, new centrosaurine from Alberta (free pdf)

Presumably, they consider Chasmosaurinae to consist of Chasmosaurus and 
Pentaceratops,with Centrosaurinae being any ceratopsian from Xenoceratops up. 
(Just starting to read now after flicking through, but I do think a phylogeny 
based on this amount of material is questionable)


Michael O'Sullivan

Palaeobiology Research Group
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>>> Ben Creisler <bcreisler@gmail.com> 08/11/2012 18:39 >>>
From: Ben Creisler

A notable error in the new Xenoceratops paper. In the formal
systematic classification, it's in the subfamily Chasmosaurinae
instead of Centrosaurinae, although analysis "recovered Xenoceratops
as the sister taxon to all other centrosaurines" and it's called a
centrosaurine throughout the paper. Editors and proofers should have
caught it...

Systematic paleontology
Order Ornithischia Seeley, 1888
Suborder Ceratopsia Marsh, 1890
Neoceratopsia Sereno, 1986
Family Ceratopsidae Marsh, 1888
Subfamily Chasmosaurinae Lambe, 1915

Xenoceratops gen. nov.

GENERIC ETYMOLOGY: Xenos (from the Greek), meaning foreign
or alien, and ceratops (from the Greek), meaning horned face,
referring to the lack of ceratopsian material known from the
Foremost Formation.

DIAGNOSIS: Centrosaurine ceratopsid ...