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Re: Coronosaurus, new ceratopsid genus for Centrosaurus brinkmani

Outside of Archosauria (way  outside), another example of a genus
> named after a similar-named higher taxon is the fossil prototherian
> _Monotrematum_, originally assigned to the Monotremata.

Yes. BTW, the singular of _tremata_ is _trema_.

_Monotrematum_ is now often  considered a junior synonym of
> _Obdurodon_.

Really? *M.* is two isolated teeth from the Paleocene of South America; *O.* is good material (at least one skull, IIRC) from the Miocene of Australia.

But if Monotremata is limited  to the crown clade (_Ornithorhynchus
> anatinus_+_Tachyglossus aculeatus_), and _Obdurodon_/_Monotrematum_
> lies outside of this clade (as some phylogenies have proposed), then
> the genus _Monotrematum_ would not belong in Monotremata.

Indeed. See also *Eucoelophysis* the silesaurid.