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RE: Obdurodon (was Re: Coronosaurus, new ceratopsid genus for Centrosaurus brinkmani)

Tim Williams wrote-

> It is also possible that ornithuromorphs first evolved in water, and
> all subsequent non-aquatic lineages are therefore secondarily
> terrestrial or secondarily arboreal. I base this on the preponderance
> of basal ornithuromorphs that had aquatic adaptations.

Preponderance?  We have Gansus and Hesperornithes showing aquatic adaptations.  
Yanornis sometimes ate fish (but so did Confuciusornis, and it's not considered 
aquatic) and Ichthyornis flew over the sea (but gulls and such are hardly 
aquatic).  Not showing aquatic adaptations are Archaeorynchus, 
Parahongshanornis, Gargantuavis, Hongshanornis, Jianchangornis, Patagopteryx, 
Longicrusavis, Yixianornis, Apsaravis and Schizooura.

Mickey Mortimer