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Brian Curtice contact details and / or Sonorasaurus thompsoni axial skeleton PDF request

Sorry to spam the list, but if anyone is able to provide me with an
e-mail address for Brian Curtice and / or a PDF of his 2000 paper on
the axial skeleton of *Sonorasaurus thompsoni*, it would be greatly
appreciated. The full reference for the paper is:

Curtice, B. D. 2000. The axial skeleton of *Sonorosaurus [sic]
thompsoni* Ratkevich 1998; pp. 83-87 in R. D. McCord, and D. Boaz
(eds.), Proceedings of the Southwest Paleontological Symposium, 2000:
Mesa Southwest Museum Bulletin, 7.

Thank you very much in advance and, if applicable, apologies again for the spam.


Dr. Stephen Poropat

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Uppsala University
Villavägen 16
SE-752 36 Uppsala

Research Associate
Australian Age of Dinosaurs
PO Box 408
Winton 4735