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RE: Plateosaurus neotype designated

Galton PROPOSED a neotype for Plateosaurus, but the ICZN has to decide if it 
happens so that SMNS 13200 will be designated as the neotype.  So now we have 
Stegosaurus, Anchisaurus AND Plateosaurus up on the neotype block.

Mickey Mortimer

> Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 15:29:00 +0100
> From: Michael.Lange@gmx.ch
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu; vrtpaleo@usc.edu
> Subject: Plateosaurus neotype designated
> Galton just designated a neotype for Plateosaurus engelhardti.
> Galton, Peter (2012) Plateosaurus engelhardti Meyer, 1837 (Dinosauria,
> Sauropodomorpha): proposed replacement of unidentifiable namebearing
> type by a neotype. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 69(3) September 2012, 
> p. 203-213.
> Abstract. The purpose of this application, under Article 75.5 of the Code, is 
> to conserve the usage of the name Plateosaurus Meyer, 1837 (Upper Triassic, 
> Germany), known from numerous articulated skeletons, several with complete 
> skulls, from the Norian Plateosaurus bonebeds of Western Europe and 
> Greenland. This was the first non-English, non-avian dinosaur and the second 
> sauropodomorph and Triassic dinosaur to be named. It is proposed to replace 
> the fragmentary and non-diagnostic bones that constitute the type material of 
> Plateosaurus engelhardti Meyer, 1837, the
> type species of Plateosaurus Meyer, 1837, with a diagnostic neotype, an 
> almost complete skull and skeleton (SMNS 13200). This specimen has formed the 
> basis for the concept of P. engelhardti (the best represented basal 
> sauropodomorph) and ultimately of Plateosaurus Meyer, 1837. Plateosaurus is 
> the basis for PLATEOSAURIDAE Marsh, 1895 and Plateosauria Tornier, 1913.